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Who doesn’t want to glow? I know I do. For me, that’s the best part of in the makeup process. I like to accentuate my features, but who ever said you have to break the bank to glow like a Goddess?!

I have several high end highlighters that I love, but most recently I’ve picked up more drugstore that are just as good, if not better. I realized it once I noticed that I have been reaching out for these more often than not. So, I had to share my excitement!! One is a more recent purchase, but instantly I was amazed and in love with the formula. It is the Wet N’ Wild Coloricon Rainbow Highlighter in the shade Bronze Over the Rainbow. Now, that one is a Limited Edition, I suggest you get your hands on it before it’s gone. It’s amazing!!! It is currently on sale on Wet N’ Wilds website and on Ulta’s website for $5.99. The other highlighters are the Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter in the shade Moon Glow Lights, $6; Wet N’ Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals, $4.99; J.Cat Beauty You Glow Girl Baked Highlighter in White Goddess, $9; Elf Cosmetics Baked Highlighter in Apricot Glow, $4 and Milani Cosmetics Strobelight Instant Glow Powder in Daylight, $10. (Swatches below)They all have a different formula which makes their finish different and unique.  Some kick off a bit of powder, but once you dust it off the end results are great. Most, have a creamy soft formula. Milani and Wet N’ Wild have the soft buttery formula with intense highlight pay off, while the Elf Cosmetics and J.Cat have a more powdery texture, they are both buildable to the intensity you want. Again, as previously mentioned, the Wet N’ Wild Limited Edition one surprised me with how intense it is. It looks as though my cheeks are wet, but it does have fine specs of glitter, in case you don’t like that, I don’t mind it at all.

So there you have it, an array of options, all at really good prices. Get your summer glow with one of these options!!

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If there was an advice I could give someone in their 20s, Is to take care of your skin early on. Your older self will thank you later! You will never be too young to start.

I was in my late 20s when I started taking care of my skin and it was after I developed adult acne. I had clear skin during my teenage years, but after my third pregnancy, hormones went hay wire and I broke out drastically. I panicked and went to pick up the only thing I knew would work…(only because celebrities were doing infomercials about Pro Active, so I was sold!) To make a long story short, I am allergic to benzoyl peroxide. Didn’t realize at the time how many acne treatments are out there with that ingredient.

I am now in my late 30s and I finally am happy with my skin. I owe it all to a strict skin care routine (yes, I get lazy sometimes and want to skip steps), but consistency is key to see and notice results. The products I have been using consistantly are the Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum, Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum and because you can’t forget about the lips, is the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm with SPF 25. These products I use on a daily, day and night, while I also incorporate other products, like face oils and moisturizers, these are the only ones that I don’t rotate at all. 

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This year I was lucky enough to attend GenBeauty by Ipsy 2017 in L.A. I had previously purchased my ticket to attend the event, but in December, I received an email stating that I’d be invited to attend the event as a Content Creator guest. I was so excited because several months before I had applied to become an IpsyOs Member. Out of all the events I have attended this is by far my favorite.

A week prior the event we all knew and was expecting rain on one or more on those days, as the time got closer it turned into a storm would be approaching on the Sunday, second day of GenBeauty. We were all preparing for that, I definitely was preparing to add layers to what I was wearing to avoid being cold.

Beauty Style Spirit and I

The weekend had finally arrive and Saturday was a beautiful and sunny day. I attended with my side kick, sister-in-law, Satomi, who also has a Youtube channel BeautyStyleSpirit. I was especially nervous because I did not know what to expect. As a Content Creator, I wasn’t sure what that meant, or if I’d get split up from Satomi who was attending as an Attendee Guest. My mission was to definitely come out of my comfort zone and branch out, become more social and to network. (I hate that word, by the way, it terrifies me for some I just want to meet people that share common interest that can perhaps mentor me or just simply inspire and motivate each other, but I guess in this business its called “network”.


Queisha Jay, Satomi and I

The first thing that happened when we arrived was there was a bit of confusion when we asked where we were suppose to go to get our badges. Then someone kindly walked us over. That was where Satomi and I had to split up, I had to stand in line to get my Content Creator badge. While I was waiting someone stood in line behind me. That’s when I decided to be more social, I figured either she will be nice or not and if not, then I would just go on my merry way. I asked her if she was a Content Creator and she said “yes”. From that point on we really hit it off. She is a Youtuber and her channel name is Quiesha Jay. She is a nice, genuine, sweet girl. We actually stood in line to wait to get in for about an hour and I was able to get to know her a little better. The rest of the day we spent it in lines, of coarse, as it always is at these types of events. I feel like we were able to bond.


Day 1 was nearly over and I felt like this year was the busiest. There were definitely a lot more people, which also meant that we were spending a lot more time in line. Satomi and I had a plan prior to arriving, we knew that we wanted to get our free products from our favorite major companies first and second day we could do the rest on our list. It didn’t quite pan off that way but were able to get a bit of stuff considering. When I got home and saw everything I got I wasn’t too happy, only because the previous year we attended we had gotten much more “full” size products and even though this year we did as well, we had more deluxe samples from most companies that attended.

Day 2, was a gloomy, cold and rainy day. Hopeful that not many people would show up because of the weather, but not the case. We beauty obsessed are die hards, for We waited an hour to get in and when we finally made it in we rushed into booths to hurry and get as much as we could before everyone else was let in. What I noticed as soon as we got in was that the flooring with was carpet was completely soaked, there were electrical wires running through out. Maybe like 30 min in we started hearing over the speaker that we needed to start exiting out, we needed to evacuate the area. We started to head out but were stuck because so many people were exciting the same way. Security then comes in yelling at everyone and rushing us to get out. All of a sudden there was a bit of panic and people scurrying out. Once out, it was raining and a bit dangerous. We started forming a line under the parking lot garage. But there was mayhem, no one had answers, there was complete chaos and unorginization. We must have spent about 2 hours under that parking structure just waiting. Social media was the only way we were able to get some answers. Basically the fire Marshall had everyone evacuate to make sure that it was safe for us to be there. Their were many people very upset about the whole situation that they decided to extend the event by an hour longer. Once we finally made it in we realized that many Major companies were not opening their booths at all. Make Up For Ever, Tarte, Ofra…to name a few. We were very disappointed and not to mention that some of the vendors there had run out of products.

The final outcome was that Ipsy reached out to everyone and tried their best to make it up to everyone who attended. They offered 50% refund on their tickets. For me, since technically I did not pay for my ticket, they offered me a ticket to attend to next GenBeauty LA 2018. I accepted, of coarse, I have hopes that next year will definitely be improved and much more organized. Can’t wait!!!

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I am a huge Gwen Stefani fan!! I was so excited to get the eyeshadow palette when it launched. After I had my palette and was totally happy with it, I was notified that Gwen Stefani not only had collaborated with an eyeshadow palette, but several more items. These include the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani Blush Palette, lipsticks, lipliners and eyebrow kit.  The blush palette retails for $45. She definitely curated this whole line based on all her favorites. Including, a beautiful red shade lipstick, that is her signature red lip, that she wears so well.GXudblushAlthough, I could have gone all out and purchased all the items from her line, I had to be realistic. I knew that I had to have the blush palette for sure. I would definitely get more use out of it; I was not disappointed. The colors are beautiful and pigmented. I use 2 out the 6  shades, like highlighters. That is Angel and Hush. The shade OC has a beautiful pink shift to it, which in my opinion, would look beautiful as a blush topper. There is a shade being marketed as a bronzer (Lo-Fi), which makes me think that this palette is geared towards lighter skin tones. For me, personally, seeing that I am in the medium to tan range, would definitely not use it as a bronzeGxudblushswatchesr, but it does make for a beautiful go-to natural blush shade. It is more of a peachy/orange tone on me, which I love. Easy is also one of my favorite blush shades from this palette but, because it is pigmented, you have to be careful applying them, a little goes a long way. The packaging itself is similar to the eyeshadow palette, sticking to the white and gold theme. Overall, I am happy with my selection of the two palettes, I recommend them both.

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When I heard that Gwen Stefani collaborated with Urban Decay, I could’t contain myself. I have been a huge Gwen Stefani fan for a really long time. I feel like she is one of the best women preformers out there. She has always been such a unique and creative artist. Such a great and aspiring role model as well. I am a huge supporter. When she launched her LAMB line, I purchased a purse from her line and the first perfume she created. That is why I was so exited and made sure I was one of the first to be notified when this palette launched.


The packaging is so her style. Black and white is typical of her line, which was not a surprise to me, with an added  touch of gold made it so chic. The shadows themselves are great quality as to be expected from Urban Decay. They are smooth and pigmented and they range from an array of neutrals to bold shades and shimmers to mattes. It is a great palette as an everyday to bold and night time looks. The Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani palette retails for $58 and the palette packaging design was all developed by Gwen herself.


The shadows may be applied wet or dry. Not only was Gwen creative in the overall look and the shades she picked, but I love that her creativity goes all the way down to the name of the eyeshadows. The list of the names is as follows (from left to right on swatch pic above): Blonde, Bathwater, Skimp, Steady, Punk, Baby, Anaheim, Stark, Zone, Serious, Pop, Harajuku, Danger, 1987, Blackout. If you are a true fan, then you will understand the names she chose (wink, wink!).

Overall, I am happy to have gotten my hands on this palette and I definitely recommend this palette to all. Even if you are a beginner to makeup, it’s a great palette to start off with. You will not regret it and you will thank me later :D.



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You must be curious as to why I am categorizing this bar of soap in the “Beauty Blogs” section. There is a prefectly good reason why. It is my latest discovery!!!

About over a year ago, my sister in law mentioned this bar of soap to me, for laundry. She said that her and her family use this soap as a spot treatment on stains and it helps with keeping clothes white. What sold me the most was when she told me that it removes grease stains on clothes, which is pretty amazing and had to try for myself. It did in fact, do what she claimed and it even help remove milk stains in my baby’s clothes, and best of all, it was gentle enough to use on his clothes. He has eczema and is very sensitive to harsh scented products. Yet, this soap bar was gentle enough to not irritate him at all.

Ok! So we determined that it is a great laundry soap. What I discovered is that it is even better as a brush and beauty blender cleaner!!!!! I was usually buying the beautyblender beautycleanser solid, from Sephora, that was retailing for about $16. It wouldn’t last long because I would use that for washing my brushes and it would use up most of the product. I also purchased the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, but stopped using it after one use. The foundation I had used had deeply penetrated onto the sponge and no matter how many times I washed it it was stained and I couldn’t keep using it knowing there was an old stain on it. I tried different brands of cleansers, Japonesque and Sephora’s line, yet none of them did the trick. I had given up on the idea of that stain ever coming off. Then, while doing laundry one day, I was washing my washcloths that I use for makeup or when I am freelancing. They are white and I use them to wipe off excess product like foundation left over or concealer and I even wipe off my brushes on them. Which they look pretty bad at the end, but I use the Zote bar soap and they come out looking white again. It finally clicked and wondered why it took me so long to have tried the bar soap on my beauty tools…..and what do you know, the bar of soap worked wonders on that sponge, the stain came right off.

I am not sure of the ingredients in the soap. What I do know is that this product is made in Mexico. It is really popular in Mexico and it is a staple in a lot of homes over there. My mom never used it, so that is why I was unaware. I believe there are two versions of this bar of soap. There is the white one that comes in a blue and white packaging and this one that I use, is the pink bar with pink and white packaging. It has a pleasant clean scent but not overpowering, in my opinion. It doesn’t produce too much suds which would make it a nightmare for cleaning beauty sponges. There is no way that you would be able to get rid of the suds from a sponge, but this formula lathers up and has similar consistency as the beautyblender beautycleanser solid, in that it has a quick drying effect. I feel it does the same with my makeup brushes, I have used the antibacterial soap and baby shampoo to wash my brushes in the past, but I felt I’d be spending a lot of time trying to get rid of the suds it would produce. There were times I would be under the faucet re-rinsing because the soap would not come off. Then when it came to the drying process it would take longer then when I would use the beautyblender beautycleanser solid. I have no problem with the Zote soap bar, it has a whitening power which helps with removing stains or even pigmented and waterproof makeup. It cuts down on drying time and best of all….it only costs about $1, depending where you get it from. Regardless, even if it cost $5, it is sooooo worth it for a 7 oz bar. I was getting mine at dollar stores, but found them at Vallarta Supermarket, for $.78 cents. Can’t beat that, and there is no way I would ever spend money on other beauty cleaning products.

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Too Faced did it again! A new version of their chocolate bar collection. The first one was the Chocolate Bar Palette, second was the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette and now the Chocolate Bon Bons Palette.

Out of the first two, I only purchased the Chocolate Bar Palette. Besides the fact that it smells delicious, just like a chocolate bar, it was a great palette to add to my collection. Pigmentation was there and the array of neutrals. It was my go to palette. When the second one came out, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette, I hesitated. I wasn’t sure if I needed it. There was also an array of neutrals with some pop of color, but I wasn’t sure I needed it. I waited for some honest reviews and most favored the original palette.


When the Chocolate Bon Bons Palette came out, people I follow, were claiming that this palette was better than the original. I still had my reserves and wanted to wait for the hype to calm down, (which is what usually happens…there is a big hype for recent releases and when it all calms down or new products come out, then the true opinions about the palette come out). Although I did not purchase this palette myself, (was a free product at GenBeauty event), I was planning to purchase it.

Regardless how I got it, I am so glad I have it. It has beautiful neutral, warm shades and a pop of color. It has a mix of mattes and shimmers, but the shimmers have more of a metallic sheen to them. Which in my opinion, is what separates this one from the original. Both gorgeous with buttery and pigmented formulation.

Chocolate Bon Bons has 16 shades: Almond Truffle, Satin Sheets, Sprinkles, Molasses Chip, Malted, Cashew Chew, Cotton Candy, Cafe’ Au Lait, Bordeaux, Mocha, Black Currant, Dark Truffle, Pecan Praline, Totally Fetch, Earl Grey and Divinity.

Chocolatebons swatches

Lastly, lets talk about packaging…The Chocolate Bon Bons Palette comes in it’s traditional tin container shaped as a chocolate bar. From the inside, all the shadows are in shape of hearts except for two (Satin Sheets and Divinity). In my opinion, the company was very smart in release date and packaging, it makes for an awesome Valentine’s Day gift!! (Wink, Wink!!)

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The latest craze to hit the beauty world, (at least all over Youtube), is the Nivea’s Men Post Shave Balm. This is a mens skin care product, that has a key ingredient, glycerin, that is used in a lot of our favorite beauty and skin care products . It is suppose to be used as a primer and helps prolong your makeup. In this product glycerin is listed as one of it’s first top ingredients.

Funny story on how and who discovered this item that now all the beauty gurus are putting to a test. Nikkie, from NikkieTutorials. Nikkie was staying at her boyfriends and she forgot her moisturizer. Desperate to use something before her makeup application, she reached for the shave balm, that was sitting on the bathroom counter. She went about her day and at the end of the night she looked in the mirror and with amazement noticed that her makeup looked just as good as it did when she first applied it. She then looked at the ingredients and that is when she noticed the ingredient. She then introduced it in one of her makeup tutorials and ever since then, eveyrone is slowly introducing it into their makeup routine as well.

I, of coarse, wanted to try it out as well. It has a faint smell like mens cologne, but nothing too overpowering. You definitely do not smell it on you once you have applied it. Application of this product is pretty simple. You apply it all over your face and rub it until the product feels a little tacky, that is how you know it is ready for the layer of foundation. They have a sensitive formula and is gentle enough for most to use. I have to say, what I think is the best part of this new discovery is that it is a drug store item. I picked mine up at target for $5.59, versus buying a primer from the makeup section, drugstore or high end, it will still cost you a pretty penny.

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This year I had the privilege of attending a major beauty event.  Generation Beauty by Ipsy in L.A.  It was such an amazing experience! I also got to meet a lot of awesome people.  It was an event filled with so many people that shared the same common interest.  It was a two day event filled with beauty enthusiasts, make-up professionals, vendors, bloggers, youtubers and a lot of fans!! I attended with another youtuber, BeautyStyleSpirit. I was most excited just to have the experience and be able to say I attended, but what I got out of it was much more!

With BeautyStyleSpirit
With BeautyStyleSpirit

I could not believe all the free products we were able to get. Yeah, the lines were insane, but having someone there to help distract you from the wait, is so worth it.  While we waited in line we got to meet so many people as excited as we were.  Although I wore flats, that still didn’t prevent the achy feet from standing all day.  Ask me if I’d do it again and I would say, “heck yeah!!!” The satisfaction we got after all was over was so worth it.  We received full size products as well as deluxe size products.  All worth over $556.00


Meeting WhatwouldLizzydo
Meeting WhatwouldLizzydo

I have to say though, the highlight for me was seeing all these people that I am used to seeing on my tv, Instagram or even Snapchat.  I follow them almost on the daily and they share a lot of their personal lives, which makes you feel like they are your friends.  Only, they don’t know you or know anything about you (which I feel makes it weird).  It was very surreal.  One particular person I met the first day had such an ease to her.  She was genuine and warm. It was WhatwouldLizzydo, I literally felt like we were old time friends.  I follow her on social media and her youtube channel as well as her vlog channel, so I know a lot of what she shares.  She made my experience even better than I had ever expected.  The cutest part was when we were leaving, heading to our car, I was standing out in the intersection waiting for the light to turn green, she passed by in front of us and she rolls down her window and stuck her head out to wave goodbye.  How cool was that!!!

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