Nivea Men Post Shave Balm


The latest craze to hit the beauty world, (at least all over Youtube), is the Nivea’s Men Post Shave Balm. This is a mens skin care product, that has a key ingredient, glycerin, that is used in a lot of our favorite beauty and skin care¬†products . It is suppose to be used as a primer and helps prolong your makeup. In this product glycerin is listed as one of it’s first top ingredients.

Funny story on how and who discovered this item that now all the beauty gurus are putting to a test. Nikkie, from NikkieTutorials. Nikkie was staying at her boyfriends and she forgot her moisturizer. Desperate to use something before her makeup application, she reached for the shave balm, that was sitting on the bathroom counter. She went about her day and at the end of the night she looked in the mirror and with amazement noticed that her makeup looked just as good as it did when she first applied it. She then looked at the ingredients and that is when she noticed the ingredient. She then introduced it in one of her makeup tutorials and ever since then, eveyrone is slowly introducing it into their makeup routine as well.

I, of coarse, wanted to try it out as well. It has a faint smell like mens cologne, but nothing too overpowering. You definitely do not smell it on you once you have applied it. Application of this product is pretty simple. You apply it all over your face and rub it until the product feels a little tacky, that is how you know it is ready for the layer of foundation. They have a sensitive formula and is gentle enough for most to use. I have to say, what I think is the best part of this new discovery is that it is a drug store item. I picked mine up at target for $5.59, versus buying a primer from the makeup section, drugstore or high end, it will still cost you a pretty penny.