Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani Blush Palette


As I mentioned in a previous post, I am a huge Gwen Stefani fan!! I was so excited to get the eyeshadow palette when it launched. After I had my palette and was totally happy with it, I was notified that Gwen Stefani not only had collaborated with an eyeshadow palette, but several more items. These include the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani Blush Palette, lipsticks, lipliners and eyebrow kit.  The blush palette retails for $45. She definitely curated this whole line based on all her favorites. Including, a beautiful red shade lipstick, that is her signature red lip, that she wears so well.GXudblushAlthough, I could have gone all out and purchased all the items from her line, I had to be realistic. I knew that I had to have the blush palette for sure. I would definitely get more use out of it; I was not disappointed. The colors are beautiful and pigmented. I use 2 out the 6  shades, like highlighters. That is Angel and Hush. The shade OC has a beautiful pink shift to it, which in my opinion, would look beautiful as a blush topper. There is a shade being marketed as a bronzer (Lo-Fi), which makes me think that this palette is geared towards lighter skin tones. For me, personally, seeing that I am in the medium to tan range, would definitely not use it as a bronzeGxudblushswatchesr, but it does make for a beautiful go-to natural blush shade. It is more of a peachy/orange tone on me, which I love. Easy is also one of my favorite blush shades from this palette but, because it is pigmented, you have to be careful applying them, a little goes a long way. The packaging itself is similar to the eyeshadow palette, sticking to the white and gold theme. Overall, I am happy with my selection of the two palettes, I recommend them both.