Zote Pink Soap Bar


You must be curious as to why I am categorizing this bar of soap in the “Beauty Blogs” section. There is a prefectly good reason why. It is my latest discovery!!!

About over a year ago, my sister in law mentioned this bar of soap to me, for laundry. She said that her and her family use this soap as a spot treatment on stains and it helps with keeping clothes white. What sold me the most was when she told me that it removes grease stains on clothes, which is pretty amazing and had to try for myself. It did in fact, do what she claimed and it even help remove milk stains in my baby’s clothes, and best of all, it was gentle enough to use on his clothes. He has eczema and is very sensitive to harsh scented products. Yet, this soap bar was gentle enough to not irritate him at all.

Ok! So we determined that it is a great laundry soap. What I discovered is that it is even better as a brush and beauty blender cleaner!!!!! I was usually buying the beautyblender beautycleanser solid, from Sephora, that was retailing for about $16. It wouldn’t last long because I would use that for washing my brushes and it would use up most of the product. I also purchased the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, but stopped using it after one use. The foundation I had used had deeply penetrated onto the sponge and no matter how many times I washed it it was stained and I couldn’t keep using it knowing there was an old stain on it. I tried different brands of cleansers, Japonesque and Sephora’s line, yet none of them did the trick. I had given up on the idea of that stain ever coming off. Then, while doing laundry one day, I was washing my washcloths that I use for makeup or when I am freelancing. They are white and I use them to wipe off excess product like foundation left over or concealer and I even wipe off my brushes on them. Which they look pretty bad at the end, but I use the Zote bar soap and they come out looking white again. It finally clicked and wondered why it took me so long to have tried the bar soap on my beauty tools…..and what do you know, the bar of soap worked wonders on that sponge, the stain came right off.

I am not sure of the ingredients in the soap. What I do know is that this product is made in Mexico. It is really popular in Mexico and it is a staple in a lot of homes over there. My mom never used it, so that is why I was unaware. I believe there are two versions of this bar of soap. There is the white one that comes in a blue and white packaging and this one that I use, is the pink bar with pink and white packaging. It has a pleasant clean scent but not overpowering, in my opinion. It doesn’t produce too much suds which would make it a nightmare for cleaning beauty sponges. There is no way that you would be able to get rid of the suds from a sponge, but this formula lathers up and has similar consistency as the beautyblender beautycleanser solid, in that it has a quick drying effect. I feel it does the same with my makeup brushes, I have used the antibacterial soap and baby shampoo to wash my brushes in the past, but I felt I’d be spending a lot of time trying to get rid of the suds it would produce. There were times I would be under the faucet re-rinsing because the soap would not come off. Then when it came to the drying process it would take longer then when I would use the beautyblender beautycleanser solid. I have no problem with the Zote soap bar, it has a whitening power which helps with removing stains or even pigmented and waterproof makeup. It cuts down on drying time and best of all….it only costs about $1, depending where you get it from. Regardless, even if it cost $5, it is sooooo worth it for a 7 oz bar. I was getting mine at dollar stores, but found them at Vallarta Supermarket, for $.78 cents. Can’t beat that, and there is no way I would ever spend money on other beauty cleaning products.