A Jean Shirt Should Be a Staple Piece in Your Wardrobe


I love putting together outfits. Another one of my hidden hobbies. I used to do a lot of shopping and yet always used to complain I had nothing to wear. I had to condense and get rid of clothes and through that I realized that I had a lot of things that were pointless to shop for. I ended up getting rid of clothes that were “trendy” and kept a lot of basic staples in my wardrobe.

Having staples in your wardrobe makes your closet a lot more wearable. Basic T’s in solid colors are a must. Jeans in several styles and shades are a must as well. Dresses are very versatile as well and neutral colors can take you all year round just by adding layers and accessories.

Trendy clothes are not bad, but I have to be selective and pick a few at a time. I have to be real about how much wear will I really get out of it. My mom always told me to switch my clothes around so I wouldn’t look like a repeated picture…lol I feel that is exactly what trendy clothes do. Wearing it once, or even getting pictured in it is enough for me to never want to wear it again. In the long run it’s just money down the drain.

In this picture I wanted to share a versatile basic top. A jean shirt can take you from day to night,  casual to dressy. Paired with print or solids. Flats, sneakers or heels. When you find a good fitting jean shirt, the options are endless and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. The top and bottoms are both from Target (bought in the clearance section). The shoes are so feminine and classy with a comfortable heel, they are from Jessica Simpson and I got them from Hautelook. (I linked a similar pair since I bought these a couple years ago.) Hautelook is a great store to find designer brands for much less. They have flash sales that last for a few days and the best part is that if you live near a Nordstrom Rack, you are able to return any items to the store instead of shipping back. The item that completes the look is this small crossbody no-brandname clutch (this was a gift).