The 3 Best Ingredients That Will Transform Any Meal!


I enjoy Mexican food, probably because I grew up eating Both my parents are Mexican and so our meals consisted of tortillas and salsa with any of our meals. Another thing we enjoyed eating all the time was seafood. Basically, all week long we ate beef, chicken and pork, but when the weekend came, my dad would take us to eat seafood at a restaurant. We would eat almost everything, crab, shrimp and fish. We would also make cocktail shrimp (Coctel de Camarones), Crab Salad (Jaiva), Ceviche and Agua Chiles. Now that I’m older I have discovered other great foods, but I still enjoy my seafood.

I wanted to share some key ingredients that are used in most of those dishes we would prepare that basically transforms and makes any dish taste delicious. I like to call it the base. Having these three ingredients is key and you will be surprised how many recipes you can make with them. Tomato, Onion and Cilantro!!! That’s it!

Start by chopping up a tomato, onion (as much or as little as you’d like) and cilantro; salt and pepper to taste. Adding the salt makes the onion and tomato’s juices seep into the mixture. At this point, that alone tastes delicious, but now you add it to anything. Endless possibilities. You can add it as a topping on your soup.  Add an avocado and you got Guacamole. Just add a jalapeño and you got yourself a fresh tasting salsa. Add plenty of lime juice, fish or shrimp and you got ceviche. I also like to add cubed cucumber, squeeze a lime juice and add it as a topping to my chicken….Mmmm. That was also the base to my recipe, I previously posted, of the Bean and Corn Salad. My favorite is tossing those ingredients into a pot with a bit of oil to pan fry. Once the onion looks translucent, I add water and a cup of lentils. I cook them until lentils are tender and I have myself the best tasting lentil soup. Not too mention, so good for you too!

I hope you enjoyed and found it helpful. Let me know if you got a chance to try this, I am curious to know your thoughts.

Till next time,